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after all they shared how could he simpley say no

i haven't updated in a while i forget the last time i did there really hasn't been anything to update about
i've started summer school i'm in it for portfolio so i'm going to summer school for artwhich is good
i actually have no friends they have all for the most part abandoned me (there are exceptions and you know who you are)
work sucked to day
i have to work the 4th wich sucks cause it's opening day at the ren-faire well sat is but sun i close enuf theres always next week or the one aftre that soo i will get there i just don't know when

any way the searh for prince charming is still on
i must thank kaysea for my new pics there fab

planning for the hate crimes memorial are in motion i'm the prezident yay! i have a few idea's so i hope they work but i'll keep every one updated till i feel like writing again
fair thee well...

Qutoe of the moment:
"when the first living thing existed,
I was there waiting.
When the last living thing dies, my job
will be finished.
I'll put the chairs on the tables,
turn out the lights, and lock the
universe behind me as i leave."
~Death, in Dream Country
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