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i got new shoes

I got new shoes...... they are black and laceup they also have 7 inch heels they are whore shoes that is all
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October 9 2005, 08:07:11 UTC 12 years ago

Whore shoes are the best. The trashier the shoe, the better.
I'm finally contacting you about a photo shoot, I neeeeed to take your picture, you're too gorgeous to pass up. Do you have AIM? Or I guess you could even e-mail me if that'd be easier-
Get ahold of me, let's do something!


October 12 2005, 02:32:29 UTC 12 years ago

Annnnd, Sorry, I'm a little slow.
I found your AIM name on your Profile page, so yeah..I'll send you a message if I catch you on.
I miss you too. I miss our silly conversations, and our crazy writings. most of all i just damn miss you lots and lots. let me know if you are ever going to be around this crazy town. i 'd like to see you. and i am sorry that last time i didn't get to see you. i'll give you a call sometime later. kisses.
i miss all of those things you are on of the infuencial people in my life and i think i could make a visit to that crazy town one of these days