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i fucking hate school............

i hate this i hafta get up early, do stupid things this kinda sucks..... i mean the people are generally okay in a good way but grrrrrrrrr................ i only have 1 to 2 classes that i actually like all the rest of them suck soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that it hurts i'm getting used to it though it could be far worse right? plus it is reallllllyyyyyy early still so i guess i may be a little crabby still....... hadn't taken that in to consideration yet oh well....... i really need a life i have come to realize that i dont do uch of any thing any more i'm always at school or at work and by the time that stuff is over im so fucking tired that all i want to do is sleep......what happened to me i used to be such a fun person but lately i never seem to have the time to do what i want to do i mean last tuesday was my day off and i got called in to work so i havent had a day off in like 9 days i'm always at that fuckin store some times i really wish that it would burn to the ground but then again not really cause at least i work with peopl that are super fabulous so it's not that bad i just hate the fucking customers they suck they suck they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay well that's enuf venting for now...... i guess............
faire thee well~
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