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hi every one

hi every one
sorry i haven't updated for a while
i've been busy
well i no longer work at claires (so every one can steal from there now)
i now work at spencers

i think i just want to fly
dose any one else have that feeling or is it just me?
and i mean actually grow wings and fly(now on drugs)

well this was a sort of a pointless entery
so untill i write again

"don't judge me so harsh little girl"
~Tori Amos
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hey hey heyyy, whats up. call me sometime ;0)

Which claires did you work at?
Annnd which spencers do you now work at?

And visit me, I can make you wings. I'll sew them right to the spine, we can have you flying in a week. :p
this is your man bitch